Today, it's not surprising to see a girl wearing her boyfriend's jeans, a huge men's jacket, and a shirt. However, men who dare to wear women's clothing such as high heels and dresses are still met with outrage and incomprehension. And yet, just 300-400 years ago, it was considered normal. What happened in this age of inclusivity? We accept people with disabilities, limited abilities, and psychological differences, but chiffon and lace in a man's wardrobe is still taboo for us?
We should all venture to explore other departments to expand the range of possibilities for our brains and build new neural connections. Honesty and freedom of self-expression are making progress in all areas of life. Let it touch the masses in something as simple and important as dressing as one pleases.
Modern men balance both their outer and inner attractiveness, expressing elegance and sincerity. Sincerity is the most important quality of masculinity.
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