My name is Zoya. I've been in photography since 2009, I've been teaching photography since 2014, and I love my job. Since 2020, I have been living in Riga, but I love to travel and often go to shootings and master classes in other cities and countries. I appreciate the people I meet, the places I visit, the minutes I spend “on the other side of the lens”. 
Now I am engaged in advertising photography. I like it when the movements are free and natural, I like emotional shots, lively, driving. As if there was no production and many hours of work. And if all this is in your style too, then we will work together ) 
During shooting, I try to keep the atmosphere friendly and warm, so I am careful with the choice of team members.
Contact me:
+371 20 517-352 | Latvia (WhatsApp)
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